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The countdown is on!!! AGAIN! Get your License: https://www.amsaoffroad.ca/step-3

Pre enter the race: Deadline is Thursday, May 30 at midnight. http://www.moto-tally.com/AMSA/PreEntry.aspx

Pre Riders Beware !! With the reschedule of Porcupine Hills XC we have cameras out now.. Braved the crappy conditions and set out some cameras in strategic spots .. If you are out there and show up on these we are going to have some fun with you on race day!!

Here is an excerpt from AMSA Off-Road rule book. 3.1.1 4. ​Except as allowed for a parade lap, riders may not practice riding on the adult course five(5) days leading up to and on the day of the race. Penalty up to DSQ based on the competition committee’s discretion. This area is a PLUZ and if you want to ride you must only ride designated trails. Download the free AVENZA Mapping tool, and down load this map to your phone so you can navigate legal riding before and after the event. Rember to have proper insurance and Registration as well as headlight tail light for riding before and after event. https://www.alberta.ca/…/ep-porcupine-hills-pluz-summer-map… https://www.avenza.com/avenza-maps/#tab1


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UPDATE: From BC Government

NEWS RELEASE: The B.C. government is restricting camping and motorized recreation (including the use of off-road vehicles) throughout the entire Koocanusa Recreation Strategy area this spring and summ


DATE: Sunday April the 7th at 5:30pm. LOCATION: Wyndham Garden Hotel 11 Freeport Cres NE MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY : Jayson Huff 17:54 MEMBERS PRESENT: Jayson H, Keith R, Karly C, Trudy E, Suzanne P,


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