DATE: Sunday April the 7th at 5:30pm.

LOCATION: Wyndham Garden Hotel 11 Freeport Cres NE


MEMBERS PRESENT: Jayson H, Keith R, Karly C, Trudy E, Suzanne P, Stephen F, Mitch B, Shane C, Brody B, Amber B, Melissa H, Jan C


  1. Non Profit Status

  2. Non profit bylaw requires a maximum of 8 board members and AMSA currently has 9. Jan C responsible to provide alternative flow charts.

  3. Promoter Packs


  5. AMSA requires each race meeting to be consistent

  6. At the race meeting the promoter pack needs to be in your hand and read directly from the list provided

  7. There is an area to include your specific sponsors but need to read title sponsors first.

  8. Safety Plan

  9. Send safety plan to AMSA

  10. Include evacuation route for seriously injured

  11. Include mode of transportation, via quad, truck or STARS

  12. The Race medic MUST fill out the AMSA Incident Report if there is an incident. We require this for insurance purposes.

  13. Sunday Classes

  14. Friendly reminder that fines will be issued to race promoters for poorly run Sunday events. This includes disorganization, inadequate sweepers and poor race loops. Please refer to the Rule Book 1.8.2 Conduct.

  15. Promation National

  16. A Banner will be provided for both Promation Races.

  17. Sponsor Hoosier Tires will be onsite with tents and promotional items

  18. Competition Committee

  19. Created to resolve issues which can arise with professionalism and fairness

  20. Familiarize yourself with the Rulebook and Promotors Pack

  21. Communication is key

  22. AMSA recommends meeting up Friday before the race and let each other know where are you camping, color of trailer

  23. Utilize group chats such as Whatsapp to let each other know what races you will be attending and not attending including Sunday and ETA. The Competition Committee is required to be onsite on Sunday.

  24. License waivers, one time sign off

  25. Insurance requires Kids who are racing to sign the waiver every race every time

  26. Pre-Registration Format

  27. Each promoter needs to set up a their own paypal link or etransfer link to take advantage of pre-registration. This information and link must be emailed to AMSA no later than one week prior to the race.

  28. Website

  29. Great feedback from sponsors, working on a few minor issues

  30. Race posters need to be submitted with applicable GPS location. Ensure the posters include title sponsors

  31. Sound System and Supplies

  32. Shared sound system which will be provided by AMSA to each race promoter, a longer power cord will be bought by Jayson H

  33. Purchase office supplies for Amber B

  34. Order more sweeper vests

  35. Timing and Scoring Contact

  36. To be signed, minor corrections to be made

  37. Banquet

  38. Options included Delta Hotel and the Blackfoot Hotel

  39. Suzanne P motioned for Delta, Amber B seconded. All in favor

  40. Karly C suggested November 2, 2019. Keith R motioned, Jan second. All in favor


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