AMSA Class Advancement 2020

Kids beginner to kids junior

Blaze Crowe

Jacob Byrne

Ty Jesse

Ladies beginner to ladies junior

Tessa Kaltenbruner

Danielle Mckenzie

Melissa Byrne

Kids Junior to kids intermediate

Liam Elder

Aiden Spelt

Kids intermediate to kids expert

Kaleb Routley

Hudson Davies

Intermediate to expert

Riley Larson

Reed Tensen

Beginner to 30B

Randy Ruston

Beginner to 40B

Lee Brewerton

Junior to intermediate

Carson Poland

Kieran Boyle

30A to vet master

Arjan Spelt

Kevin Hazenberg

Ladies junior to intermediate

Brittany Schrage

Leanne Schnell

Ladies intermediate to expert

Lorna Rothwell


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UPDATE: From BC Government

NEWS RELEASE: The B.C. government is restricting camping and motorized recreation (including the use of off-road vehicles) throughout the entire Koocanusa Recreation Strategy area this spring and summ


DATE: Sunday April the 7th at 5:30pm. LOCATION: Wyndham Garden Hotel 11 Freeport Cres NE MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY : Jayson Huff 17:54 MEMBERS PRESENT: Jayson H, Keith R, Karly C, Trudy E, Suzanne P,


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