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The 2019 Promation National Enduro Championship will consist of national rounds in Alberta, BC, Quebec and the Ontario 3-day Promation Corduroy Enduro (Sept 20, 21 and 22nd). Riders will only need to compete in the western rounds or the eastern round in Quebec, not both. All riders will compete at the Promation Corduroy Enduro. This cuts down on travel costs and is superior to just having a stand alone 3 day national. The western and eastern national rounds will also provide a system for the series promoters to determine who will receive support and appearance money to get to the Promation National Championship Corduroy Enduro.

The FMSQ will be holding the Quebec rounds at La Dore on July 27 and 28. Off-Road Ontario and the FMSQ will work together to ensure that provincial dates don’t conflict for the Quebec National Enduro or the Corduroy National Enduro.

The event format (Enduro, XC etc.) and rules for the Alberta and BC rounds will be decided on by AMSA and the PNWMA. The PNWMA will hold a 1 day event in BC and the AMSA will hold a 1 day event in Alberta. It is not necessary to hold an enduro style event, an established long loop XC style 1 day event would be suitable as National Enduro events in Alberta and BC.

Points at the Alberta, BC and Quebec rounds will be half of the points at Corduroy Enduro because racers are only racing half of the country. When they get to the Promation Corduroy Enduro they are racing the best riders from across the country.

Corduroy Points 30, 25, 22, 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1. (3 days event, points paid each day. 90 points available).

Quebec, BC and Alberta points 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (Preliminary rounds will be 2 days, points paid each day. 30 points maximum available).

If a rider rides the Quebec, BC and Alberta rounds of the series, only the rider’s best 2 days points will be used towards for the Promation Corduroy National Enduro Championship.

Quebec, BC and Alberta rounds must run the National Enduro classes or submit results with riders reclassified to the following National classes:

PRO                              WOMAN EXP

EXPERT                        WOMAN A


VET EXP +40                NOVICE A

VET A +40                     NOVICE B

VET B +40                     NOVICE C

VET C +40                     SUPER VET +55

The Promation Corduroy Enduro will be run under the jurisdiction of the Off-road Ontario rule book with the additions and exceptions noted in the Corduroy Supplementary Rules. These documents are available on the Off-road Ontario and Corduroy Enduro websites and will be updated closer to the actual Corduroy Enduro event date.

Only the Pro and Expert classes will compete for 3 days at the Promation Corduroy Enduro, riding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All other classes will compete for 2 days on Saturday and Sunday.

Motorcycles will be impounded immediately after Saturday’s ride until 15 minutes before the start on Sunday morning. No impound will take place on Thursday or Friday nights.

Motorcycles do not require lights or any other street equipment. The bikes only require the applicable registration that is required to ride off-road in the entrant’s home province or state.

Competitors must have a valid driver's license (motorcycle or car).

Appearance Money and Rider Support

Promation and the Corduroy Enduro are committed to providing a valid, affordable National Enduro Championship that showcases the best Canadian off-road riders while nurturing the up and coming riders and providing a challenging and entertaining event for the recreational rider. This commitment means Promation and the Corduroy Enduro will provide the following support.

Top 3 riders in the Pro and Woman Expert classes at the Alberta national round will receive:

- $400.00 appearance money if they ride the Corduroy Enduro.

- Free entry into the 2019 Corduroy Enduro.

- Assistance with transportation for their bike to Corduroy (Details to follow) or Motorcycle arranged for from manufacturer. (This will depend on bike manufacturer and who the rider is).

The top rider in all the other classes at the western round will receive:

- Assistance with transportation for their bike to Corduroy Enduro. (Details to follow).

- Free entry into the 2019 Corduroy Enduro.

Top 3 riders in the Pro and Woman Expert classes at the Quebec national round will receive:

- $200.00 appearance money if they ride the 2019 Corduroy Enduro.

- Any rider from the Maritime provinces who wins any class at the Quebec national will receive free entry into the 2019 Corduroy Enduro.

A $12,000 Purse at 2019 Corduroy Enduro.

(This purse is distributed based on the Corduroy Enduro results. There is no separate purse for the National Championship).

Total Pro Purse $9000 Breakdown

- 1st $5000, 2nd $2500, 3rd $800, 4th $400, 5th $300.

Total Women Expert Purse $3000 Breakdown - 1st $1500, 2nd $750, 3rd $500, 4th $250

Promation will provide $1000 sponsorship for the 2 day Quebec National, $500 to the Alberta 1 day National and $500 to the 1 day BC National. It is hoped that this money will be added to the prize money purse at the preliminary rounds, but it is at the discretion of the individual event organizers.

Any inquiries, please contact Blair Sharpless-email blairsharpless@gmail.com


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