The Canadian Cross-country Championship (CXCC) started over 10 years ago and was an attempt for the industry and event promoters to create a true National series that would see the best Off-road riders from across Canada compete. This would be a platform to see when all together who was the National Champion. Unfortunately due to logistics and costs to riders this became increasingly difficult. This is where the CXCC-West and CXCC-East Championships were born. This would create a sub series that would have the west riders from Alberta and B.C race for a Western title, and riders from Ontario and Quebec compete for the Eastern title.

Since then AMSA Offroad has been collaborating with the volunteers at the Pacific North West Motorcycle Association (PNWMA - B.C) to host the CXCC-West Championship. In the past riders were required to race two events in the PN Schedule and two events in the AMSA schedule. The results were then combined from the 4 round series and Western Champions were crowned in each class.

This series is ever evolving to provide the best Championship possible. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information for the 2021 season. With the uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions and necessary precautions, organizers are working hard and need your patience.